The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Some great editing

Year 6 have been finishing their letters today and made some great edits and improvements using their purple pen. They also took inspiration from some of the published pieces on 

Shape All Around Us

The children enjoyed talking about shapes all around us. Here are some we used in our lesson today.

Super sharing 

We used airdrop this morning in year 6 so that everyone could refer to a good example of a paragraph plan. It also means we can look at it in the future even when it is not displayed in the classroom. 

Showbie shows us the way for feedback! 

The year six children enjoyed finding out their feedback via the showbie app today on their ipad. 

Ipad training event

The first training event was held this morning for teachers looking to improve the use of ipads in their schools. Ray Weaver lead the session with teachers from various parts of Lancashire. 

Geography Project

In Year 4, we have been working on a geography map work project using a range of apps on the iPads. Ray came in today to show us how to create a keynote presentation to share our findings.