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School closure update: 13th October 2017

PLAN B now in operation for Tuesday. See details below for where children need to be. Download pdf verison: School closure update 13th October The engineers continue to work and will do so through the weekend to resolve the issues with the electrics. At this current time I cannot guarantee exactly when the issue will be resolved. Therefore, I have made a  contingency plan

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School closure update

Unfortunately, the school will be closed until at least Monday 16th October because the electrical issue still remains unresolved despite working through the night. There currently is no electricity at school. On opening Tuesday morning, it was apparent that there had been an issue with the main electrical supply in to school. This had caused a fire which burnt all wires, metres and electrical

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School closure

Unfortunately, school and nursery will remain closed until Thursday 12th October. N Power needs today to complete repairs due to a serious electrical fault which occurred on Tuesday morning. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope this will be resolved very quickly.

Congratulations! Miss Ottey gets married!

Miss Ottey became Mrs Plummer on Saturday 5th August at a lovely wedding in the picturesque village of Burnsall. Mr and Mrs Plummer had a beautiful day and we wish them both much happiness in their life together. Congratulations from all at St James’!  

We have butterflies! 

This morning when we came into Nursery one butterfly had hatched out of its cocoon. Then later on, whilst nobody was looking, another one came out. They are very still at the moment because their wings are damp and need to dry out. We have however had one or two glimpses of the beautiful colours on the other side of their wings. We hope

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Sports Day 




Spellbinder Visits School”


The children have been looking at mass in Maths this week.  They have enjoyed using scales and creating Maths journals on their learning.