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Self portraits

This week we have been looking in the mirror to help us to draw a self portrait. We used different pens on a large roll of paper.

Our First Week in Nursery

All the children have settled well into Nursery this week. They have made lots of new friends as well as catching up with some old friends.

Congratulations! Miss Ottey gets married!

Miss Ottey became Mrs Plummer on Saturday 5th August at a lovely wedding in the picturesque village of Burnsall. Mr and Mrs Plummer had a beautiful day and we wish them both much happiness in their life together. Congratulations from all at St James’!  

Goodbye butterflies! 

This afternoon we waved goodbye to our butterflies​ ​​​​​

And then there were 5!

All of our butterflies have hatched. They are beautiful!  We need to give them a little time for their wings to dry out. We have put an orange in with them so they have something to build their energy. When the weather conditions are suitable them we will set them free.


Look at this huge moth that we found in our woods yesterday. We found out that it is a hawk moth

Cocoons on the move

This morning we have moved the cocoons over to the net. They are now hanging whilst they sleep. We have got 5 cocoons. We were very interested to find pictures of cocoons in the information books. We also looked at pictures of different butterflies and wondered what ours will look like.

Snack in the Woods

What a lovely cool spot to enjoy our milk and snack!

Take One Picture

Well done everyone. A great exhibition of all our artwork. 

Caterpillars into cocoons

We have been carefully watching our caterpillars because they are now hanging upside down and shaking as they make cocoons around themselves. Abu said “They’re shaking”. James L said “They’ll be butterflies soon”