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What letters can you make? 

Year 6 worked again with Hannah this afternoon trying to make different letters using their bodies. 

Fun in Year 4 

We had a fantastic day at the Anderton Centre taking part in a range of fun activities. We are now expert archers, tree climbers and clue hunters in orienteering. In the afternoon we had lots of fun rafting on the reservoir, playing games getting wet n the reservoir and even got to jump in! 


We’ve finished off our Friday morning with Chorley Athletics doing a range of activities. Have a look at us doing speed bounce, javelin, throwing and jumping. 

Storybook Yoga

This morning we did yoga alongside the story of The Gruffalo.

Cricket skills

We enjoyed working with Mr Wood to improve our ball skills. We all got better at throwing underarm.

Climbing Fun! 

Year 4 had the most fantastic afternoon on the climbing wall yesterday. Everyone had a go and we had lots of children ring the bell at the top!

Archery in Year 4! 

We had so much fun doing archery! We even managed to get a few shots on target! 


Year 5 were very good at archery and all managed to hit the target. 

Dental Hygienist in Year 5 

Year 5 were reminded about the importance of brushing their teeth properly for two minutes and about how much sugar is in different food and drinks!!!

Design your own kit

We have enjoyed designing our own football kits today