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Reception are Moving and Grooving

Yr5 led Yr1’s PE today!

We’ve had a very fun PE lesson today. Year 5 have been working hard to create their own games and they led our PE lesson this afternoon! We learnt about how we exercise to keep our bodies healthy and learnt some new games to play with our friends.

Keeping Healthy in Year 1

We have had lots of fun in PE over the last two weeks learning how to keep our bodies healthy. We looked at the Eatwell plate and how to include healthy foods in our meals.  

Year 6 gymnastics

Year 6 enjoyed a P.E. session in the hall with Hannah from CSSP. The children had to make a variety of shapes and created sequences.

Health and Fitness Fun in Year 1

We have had lots of fun so far in Health and Fitness week learning how to keep our bodies healthy. 

Tri Golf

Some children from Years 3 & 4 have taken part in a Tri Golf competition. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed taking part. Their golf skills were amazing! Well done to the boys involved.


Tonight the school football team played a cup match against St Josephs in Anderton. The team played really well, but unfortunately were beaten . However there were some good passing moves and fantastic saves. We are now preparing for next year.

PE Fun!

We had a lovely treat on Monday morning when some Year 9 pupils led some PE activities for us.

Gymnastics Fun!

Well Done to all our super Gymnasts who represented St James’ at a Yr3/4 competition on Tuesday afternoon. They were fantastic and their attitude and support for each other was lovely to see!

What letters can you make? 

Year 6 worked again with Hannah this afternoon trying to make different letters using their bodies.