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Pirate Day

Reception’s Trip to the Allotment

Reception’s Pobble Day

We described how we might feel standing in the football stadium’s tunnel, waiting to run on to the football pitch. Joshua completed his own football poster independently in the classroom! ’We are going to win this thing!’

Pobble Day

Great to have Louise in today from Pobble, leading some World Cup themed writing.

Reception’s Summer Ice Lollies

The reception children made their own ice lollies. They listed their favourite juice and we voted for our favourites. The reception teachers bought our favourite juice and we poured them into the ice lolly moulds before placing them in the freezer.

Reception’s Blubber Investigation

The reception children enjoyed pretending their hands were giant blue hump back whales. They placed their hands in a jug of icy cold water. One side was exposed to the ice and the other was covered by blubber. The children confirmed the side of their hand protected by the blubber was warmer than the other side. We are going to discuss the sea/ocean creatures

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Bring Yer Wellies

Bouncy Fun

Hoop Guy at St James