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Blackpool Zoo

Year 4 have been to Blackpool Zoo to find out about the animals and their different habitats and diets. Did you know? An elephant’s intestine can reach about 19 meters long and their heart is 5 times larger than a human heart.

Congratulations! Miss Ottey gets married!

Miss Ottey became Mrs Plummer on Saturday 5th August at a lovely wedding in the picturesque village of Burnsall. Mr and Mrs Plummer had a beautiful day and we wish them both much happiness in their life together. Congratulations from all at St James’!  

Fun in Year 4 

We had a fantastic day at the Anderton Centre taking part in a range of fun activities. We are now expert archers, tree climbers and clue hunters in orienteering. In the afternoon we had lots of fun rafting on the reservoir, playing games getting wet n the reservoir and even got to jump in! 

Take One Picture

Well done everyone. A great exhibition of all our artwork. 

Finding the area

We have been busy this morning using multiplication to find the area of rectangles. 

Musical Performance 

We have enjoyed a musical performance today! Well done! 

Geography Project

In Year 4, we have been working on a geography map work project using a range of apps on the iPads. Ray came in today to show us how to create a keynote presentation to share our findings. 

Walking up the Nab

Year 4 and Year 2 enjoyed a lovely walk up the Nab this morning as part of our Geography studies. Year 4 were exploring the physical and human features of our local area and used iPads to record and photograph the geographical features they found. We are busy exploring the Numbers app on the iPads and will add our findings. 

What an end to the week!

We have ended our Health and Fitness week with a fantastic quiz set by Year 6! 


We’ve finished off our Friday morning with Chorley Athletics doing a range of activities. Have a look at us doing speed bounce, javelin, throwing and jumping.