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Some Year 5 and 6 children are having a great time learning to ride their bikes safely on the road.

Sports day

KS2 had a wonderful sports day on Monday.


In German today we started learning about our families.

Money mentors

Year 5 have been learning all about money this afternoon. We have been looking at different ways we can pay for items and using the safest way in different situations.


Year 5 had an interesting Pobble lesson this morning. We are now experts at leaving Pobble sandwich comments.


Year 5 had a great afternoon practising for sports day.

Information Relay

Today we started our lesson with an information relay.  We were discovering more about the Antarctic because we are learning about the great explorer Ernest Shackleton.

The journey of a river

Year 5 started their new geography topic today, rivers. We used iPads to research and learn new vocabulary to label the journey of a river.

Train like a Jedi

Year 5 used the Change 4 Life video to train and become Jedi warriors.

Fit steps

We combined dance with areobics to get our hearts racing this morning.