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Year 6 Springfield Visit

Year 6 had a great day out at Westinghouse Springfield last week learning about electricity. The children made circuits and thought about electrical safety. The class then had a tour of the site where fuel is manufactured for nuclear power stations, which was very interesting.

Personification poems in Year 6

Year 6 wrote poems containing personification. Can you spot the personification?  

Some great editing

Year 6 have been finishing their letters today and made some great edits and improvements using their purple pen. They also took inspiration from some of the published pieces on 

What letters can you make? 

Year 6 worked again with Hannah this afternoon trying to make different letters using their bodies. 

Learning muscles flexed!

Year 6 have been thinking about how they need to work on their learning muscles to ensure they make the most of their time in school. They created posters to remind themselves about the different muscles. 

We are getting excited about books 

Year 6 were getting excited about books this morning. We set goals for our reading over the year. 

Super sharing 

We used airdrop this morning in year 6 so that everyone could refer to a good example of a paragraph plan. It also means we can look at it in the future even when it is not displayed in the classroom. 

Showbie shows us the way for feedback! 

The year six children enjoyed finding out their feedback via the showbie app today on their ipad. 

Hooray! We are back! 

Year 6 were delighted to be back at school today. We really enjoyed looking at how we are going to improve over the year and what we want our classroom to be like. 

Congratulations! Miss Ottey gets married!

Miss Ottey became Mrs Plummer on Saturday 5th August at a lovely wedding in the picturesque village of Burnsall. Mr and Mrs Plummer had a beautiful day and we wish them both much happiness in their life together. Congratulations from all at St James’!