Yr5 led Yr1’s PE today!

We’ve had a very fun PE lesson today. Year 5 have been working hard to create their own games and they led our PE lesson this afternoon! We learnt about how we exercise to keep our bodies healthy and learnt some new games to play with our friends.

Keeping Healthy in Year 1

We have had lots of fun in PE over the last two weeks learning how to keep our bodies healthy. We looked at the Eatwell plate and how to include healthy foods in our meals.  

Year 1 visit the Harris Museum

  We had a great time at the Harris Museum finding out about toys from the past. In the afternoon we even went on a bear hunt around the different exhibitions.

Pobble Day

Great to have Louise in today from Pobble, leading some World Cup themed writing.

We’ve grown our own snack!

We’ve had an exciting extra snack time eating the radishes that we have grown.

Hoop Guy at St James

Health and Fitness Fun in Year 1

We have had lots of fun so far in Health and Fitness week learning how to keep our bodies healthy. 

The Grand Opening of Our New Outdoor Area

Planting Seeds

We had an exciting afternoon planting seeds and are going to watch them grow over the next few weeks.

Our Special Visitor

This morning we had a very special visitor come in to see us in Year 1.