School closure update: 13th October 2017

PLAN B now in operation for Tuesday. See details below for where children need to be. Download pdf verison: School closure update 13th October The engineers continue to work and will do so through the weekend to resolve the issues with the electrics. At this current time I cannot guarantee exactly when the issue will be resolved. Therefore, I have made a  contingency plan

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School closure update

Unfortunately, the school will be closed until at least Monday 16th October because the electrical issue still remains unresolved despite working through the night. There currently is no electricity at school. On opening Tuesday morning, it was apparent that there had been an issue with the main electrical supply in to school. This had caused a fire which burnt all wires, metres and electrical

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School closure

Unfortunately, school and nursery will remain closed until Thursday 12th October. N Power needs today to complete repairs due to a serious electrical fault which occurred on Tuesday morning. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope this will be resolved very quickly.

Some great editing

Year 6 have been finishing their letters today and made some great edits and improvements using their purple pen. They also took inspiration from some of the published pieces on 

Blackpool Zoo

Year 4 have been to Blackpool Zoo to find out about the animals and their different habitats and diets. Did you know? An elephant’s intestine can reach about 19 meters long and their heart is 5 times larger than a human heart.

Shape All Around Us

The children enjoyed talking about shapes all around us. Here are some we used in our lesson today.

Sorting 2D Shapes

The children have been looking at shapes and sorting them. We are working hard to name shapes, describe properties and sort objects. 

Our First Home Read

The reception children have been busy choosing four books from our library. Every Monday and Wednesday they will take home one book. On Friday’s the children will take home two books. Please make sure their books are in their book bags as every Monday we will take out the previous week’s books and the children will choose another four. Parents will need to write

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What letters can you make? 

Year 6 worked again with Hannah this afternoon trying to make different letters using their bodies. 

Learning muscles flexed!

Year 6 have been thinking about how they need to work on their learning muscles to ensure they make the most of their time in school. They created posters to remind themselves about the different muscles.