Home learning

Learning Logs

Your child will have brought home an orange ‘Learning Log’. Teachers will set a theme / challenge / task over a period of time and pupils will use their log to choose and represent their work in whatever media they prefer. These logs will aid in supporting the learning of a range of subjects from Literacy, Numeracy to Art or ICT.

As there is no restriction on the learning tasks, pupils have an opportunity to both personalise their learning as well as developing their own unique talents. Further information on our learning logs is available from school or from various web pages dedicated to this work which can be found in your child’s class page.


Reading is an important life skill that we want all our pupils to excel in. In order to support the work of the school we ask that pupils practise reading at home each night for 10/15 minutes. Reading records can be used to keep a log of page numbers / tricky words etc. Our ‘Forty Reads’ scheme now encourages each child to read at least 40 times before Christmas. Pupils who achieve this will all receive a bronze award, silver by Easter and gold by Summer. Come on everyone, let’s get reading!


All children will have their individual targets which teachers share with our pupils and which parents will see at parents evening. Our whole school curriculum target is ‘ sentence structure & organisation’. We want our pupils to love writing so encourage any and every opportunity to write at home for pleasure from writing a shopping list, story writing, letter to a friend or practicing letter sounds.


We have introduced our ‘time tables’ champions each week and we aim for every child to have a secure knowledge of the time tables they are learning. See each class teacher for a breakdown of the tables focus this term. At school we recognise that all real life maths problem solving work is linked to a basic understanding of number, number facts and use of time tables. Practising tables at home with your child will reap rewards in terms of their mathematical understanding in class.