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At St. James we recognise that reading is vital not only for school life, but for us all. It is a skill that is important to cultivate whilst young and enhance and engage as children grow up. At St James’ we want all our children to find the joy, excitement and wonder that a rich reading life offers.

We have an active group of volunteers who come into school to hear our children read aloud as this important activity leads to literacy acquistion.  Our children have the opportunity to build word-sound awareness which enhances their language and congnitive skills, curiosity and memory.

Reading is timetabled into the school day to enable our children to grow their vocabularies, learn more about the world and their place within in. Within school we use letters and sounds to teach children the rudiments of reading, spelling and writing – phonics.

Our staff and volunteers are enthusiastic listeners and encourage our children to be enthusiasic about reading a variety of books, poetry, short stories and biographies that children may not discover on their own.

At St. James, we recognise the important role in which parents can contribute to their child’s reading skills and invite parents to attend our reading workshop where they can see the work going on in school first hand.  We also have a focus group for parents who need support with reading and phonics called Early Start group, where parents can come into school and work with a member of staff who will guide them through the learning process.

St. James recognise that the language in books differs from the world’s daily conversations, on television and through film as it is more descriptive and uses formal grammatical structures.  It also allows children to use their imaginations to explore people, places, times and events beyond their own experiences.

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