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Take One Picture

Well done everyone. A great exhibition of all our artwork. 

Cracking contraptions

The year 6 children produced some super pieces of writing and diagrams in their unit about explanations. Mrs Hudson worked with the children to produce these amazing diagrams. 



Starry Night

We have been creating our own Starry Night paintings.

Animal Masks 

Year 3 are very proud of their completed animal masks. 

Budding artists 

Year 6 enjoyed broadening their horizons by looking at the many impressive works of art at the art gallery in the Harris Musuem. We even saw an exhibit which has previously won the turner prize. 

Making Masks 

Our animal masks are starting to be completed and look fantastic. 

Mask making! 

Year 3 are enjoying their current art project, we are making animal masks. 

Weaving frenzy 

Year 6 continue to be busy with there weaving. Watch this soace to see what they will become! 

The Tree of Life

The children have designed and are making their individual Tree of Life. They have collages the background and painted on their tree. I can’t wait to see the finished pieces!!