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Happy Christmas

Year 2 had lots of fun during our Christmas celebrations.

Merry Christmas! 

Year 4 have had an exciting last 2 days celebrating with Christmas parties and Christmas lunch. Wishing you all a happy Christmas.  Miss Godfree and Mrs Waddington. 

Fun and games in year 6

After our worship at church this morning, year 6 enjoyed playing some games!       

Music Celebration 

Well done to everyone who preformed in the music celebration. We are very lucky to have so much talent at St. James’. 

Christmas in Germany

This morning we enjoyed learning about Christmas in Germany and how it is different. We also practised our German carol.      

Christmas crafts in Year 4

This afternoon we are busy creating our Christmas cards. Barbara has come in to help us. Here is a little sneak preview…                

Christmas Fair

We all had a great time last night at our Christmas Fair. Thank you to all who helped in anyway and many thanks to all who supported through attendance. We are thrilled that £1303.97 was raised. 

Christmas fair posters

In Year 3 we have been using our best persuading techniques to make posters for the Christmas fair after school. We are looking forward to all the activities planned. 

Ready for Advent 

In Year 3 we are ready to start advent, in our advent calendar we all wrote either a prayer, a word to talk about or a part of the bible to read.  Each day a child will look what is in our advent calendar. 

  And they’re off!

Yesterday the Christmas shoeboxes began their journey to children all over the world! Thank you to everyone who has donated them.