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Safer Internet Day! 

The children enjoyed recapping all their knowledge of staying safe online during safer Internet day. 

Movie Stars

Year 4 are creating a storyboard for their own iMovie. We are thinking about the Characters we will play and what will happen in our films. 


We had a great coding lesson playing and evaluating each other’s games. 


Year 3 made some amazing games this afternoon in coding. We then enjoyed playing each other’s. 

Making games in year 4!

We are using different codes to fly planes and create our own computer games for our friends to play! 


Year 3 made a great hungry octopus game this afternoon using coding.      

Free coding in year 6 

Year 6 had the task of coming up with their own games based on the code they have learnt. There were some brilliant ideas! 

Geometry dash 

Year 6 created some great geometry dash games this afternoon in our coding session. We learnt the importance of being specific with our instructions as a computer only does what we say!       

The United Kingdom

We have been using the bee bots to move around the U.K. We have found the fastest route to get to the places.           Where would you like to visit?  


We created our own games.