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Painting Backgrounds in Year 1

We have been painting the backgrounds for our moving pictures.    


Year 3 were excited for our pizza delivery today! The loved tasting their pizzas and some children even tried some new food. 

School Trip 

Year 3 really enjoyed their school trip this morning to Domino’s.

Shopping trip! 

What an exciting morning we have had! We walked down to Morrisons to buy our vegetables for making soup this afternoon. We met Kerry who let us scan our own shopping through the tills and pay for our items. 

Moving Pictures

This afternoon we have been making the background for our moving pictures.  Can you guess the Traditional Rhymes? 

Moving Pictures

This week we have been planning our moving pictures.  We have looked at some books from home and tested some levers and sliders.  Look out for the finished pictures.    


Year 5 tasted different types of pasta.              Cooked their chosen pasta ……..         …… and made their own pasta salad, which they had already designed.                   

Hats Off!

We are making really good progress with our hats in year 6. We are well on the way to finishing off this technology project now.           

Our sandwiches

We enjoyed eating the sandwiches we made.

Making our own sandwiches

We have evaluated different sandwich fillings and designed our own sandwiches. Today we enjoyed making them.