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Personification poems in Year 6

Year 6 wrote poems containing personification. Can you spot the personification?  

Some great editing

Year 6 have been finishing their letters today and made some great edits and improvements using their purple pen. They also took inspiration from some of the published pieces on pobble.com. 

Super sharing 

We used airdrop this morning in year 6 so that everyone could refer to a good example of a paragraph plan. It also means we can look at it in the future even when it is not displayed in the classroom. 

Practise makes perfect! 

Year 6 spent sometime this morning rehearsing for the video they are going to make for the year 5s.

Script writers in year 6

Some great scripts being produced in year 6 for the ‘year 5 advice video’. 

Great group work

Some super group work this morning in year 6 planning what to tell year 5 about life year 6!

Super writers in year 6

Year 6 have been creating some great pieces based on a set of pictures by Harris Burdick. They have really enjoyed thinking about how to create effects on the readers. 

Thinking about reading 

Year 6 worked hard this morning when reading their chosen class library books. They were reflecting on the central character and what they learn about them. 

We are engrossed! 

Lots of fantastic reading going on in year 6!  Books are brilliant! 

Book bench trail 

A glorious morning allowed year 6 to enjoy the book benches around Chorley town centre today. Make sure you attend the event this weekend.