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French in Year 4

We are using the French dictionaries to find out new adjectives to describe ourselves. We are going to be using thse in conversations with each other. 

Quel age as-tu?

Year 3 enjoyed playing our age game today in French. 

French wake up and shake up! 

What another great start to the day! Mrs Wills has led us in a French wake up and shake up and we now feel energised for the day ahead!    


In French we continued to look at animals and looked at how to write plurals in French.  The children made Noah’s ark to show what they had learnt. 

French dictionary quiz

Year 3 were using French dictionaries today in class and ended the class with a competition.  All the children tried really hard with pronunciation of the nouns we found.    

French animals 

A pairs game to start our French lesson today.  The children worked well and found their partner to learn our animal names in French. 


Today children used actions to help them learn animal names in French.


Great lesson learning our numbers in French, we enjoyed all the songs and games. 


In French today we played an alphabet game and sang a song in French.    

Bonjour Year 4! 

In French today with Mrs Wills we have been learning the French words for things we would find in our pencil cases. We worked with our partners to write what we would include in our own pencil cases.