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Year 4 Volcanoes

We have had fun making our volcanoes explode. Click on the link below to watch a video. 671566ED-28CB-43F4-BAB3-81F4D6ACC78B  

Mystery objects in year 6

Some mystery objects arrived in year 6 today to kick-start our geography work on farming. Although these objects are from the past, they will help us to understand how farming has changed and how farmers use the land. 

Walking up the Nab

Year 4 and Year 2 enjoyed a lovely walk up the Nab this morning as part of our Geography studies. Year 4 were exploring the physical and human features of our local area and used iPads to record and photograph the geographical features they found. We are busy exploring the Numbers app on the iPads and will add our findings. 

Where in the world? 

Do you know where the Tropic of Cancer or Arctic Cirle is? Well if not ask one of the year 6s. We explored some of the invisible lines on the Earth.  

England in Year 1

Today we have been looking at England. We have used an atlas to find places and the seas that surround us. Some children have been using a globe to find The United Kingdom. 

A Taste of China 


Where in the world? 

Year 6 were learning about different biomes around the world. Do you know any of them? 

Chinese New Year 

           What year were you born in?  Now find out which animal you are… 

North, South, East or West? 

Year 3 enjoyed using an 8 point compass in Georgaphy.  They compared where cities are in the U.K using the 8 point compass. 

3D Maps 

Year 3 really enjoyed making 3D maps of Chorley after our walk to the Library.