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Hast du…

Our German lesson this morning focused on describing each other in terms of hair and eyes. The children are able to describe hair in real detail! 

Old Macdonald or Onkel Jorg?

Today in German year 6 learnt to sing Old Macdonald in German. Ask them to sing it to you!

Year 6 German

Today we were looking at the different ways to say ‘the’ in German and applied this to the animal names which we have been learning.  

German ABCs

Do you know your alphabet in German? Year 6 were practising spelling colour words this morning. 

Very competitive! 

Year 6’s competitive streak can put this morning whilst playing this exhilarating game in German. Roll the dice then shout out the sum in German! 

Great games in German

Year 6 enjoyed practising there German numbers this morning. 

What can you remember? 

Year 6 were challenged to match up the German words we have learnt so far this year. 

Die Nummern

We learnt the numbers 1 to 12 in our German lesson today and how to give and ask ages. 

Finding Felix

One of the games we played this morning involved finding who was ‘Felix’ by asking the correct question in German. 

Es beginnt

We had out first German lesson today and learnt how to greet each other and tell them our name.