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Reading and writing decimals

Year 6 started their chapter of work on decimals today. We used base 10 to represent decimals. 

Long multiplication! 

Year 6 have been working on long multiplication and I think we have just about cracked it! 

What’s the point? 

To perhaps that should be where is the point. Year 6 were looking at co-ordinates today. 

Cuboid challenge

Some great thinking this morning in year 6 trying to solve this problem. 

Spotting patterns 

Year 6 enjoyed looking at a series of consecutive numbers and applying algebraic rules to them. Ask them what they found out. 

Can you describe this pattern?

Our unit on algebra got off to a flying start. We were able to describe patterns using symbols and letters. 

Time for times tables! 

It was about speed this morning in year 6. Five minutes to complete the times table challenges! 

Problems with ratio? Not in year 6!

In our maths lesson today, we used the bar model to help us solve problems involving ratio. Have a look at these two excellent journal entries. 

Ratio problems? 

Year 6 encountered some more problems involving ratio, but they weren’t a problem when we used the bar model. 

It’s all about ratios

We continued looking at how to use ratios and solved some problems using them. The children created some great journal entries.