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Finding the area

We have been busy this morning using multiplication to find the area of rectangles. 

This Week in Reception…

 Our story of the week…   Tasting vegetables from Oliver’s Vegetables.         Solving adding and taking away calculations.       Sorting the vegetables from the fruits. Some of the children looked closely at the types of vegetables and searched for the root vegetables.   Playing in our new Garden Centre role-play area.  Making a new home for our new friends- Mr

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Year 2 finding lines of symmetry

We have been exploring shapes to find lines of symmetry.

Triangle investigation

Year 6 were investigating the angles in a triangle this morning. 

Money, money, money! 

Year 3 enjoyed a money game this morning and collected lots of points for finding amounts of money using coins. 

Year 5 Money Mentors in action

What a fantastic job our Money Mentors did in teaching us all how to budget. 


The Year 3 children enjoyed a practical volume lesson today. 

Measuring in Year One

We have been using cubes to measure different objects.

Year 5 Money Mentors

Our Money Mentors learned all about budgeting. 

Some great jounal entries

Our unit on word problems is definitely stretching us, but we are getting there!