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Year 5 enjoyed creating their own music in our Ukuele lesson today.

Music in Year 4

Today we have started to learn a tune on the glockenspiel with our partners. We are learning to play the notes together keeping in time with the beat.

The Brass Monkeys 

Key stage 2 had a wonderful demonstration from the brass monkeys this morning.  Please ask at the office if you would like to learn how to play a brass instrument. 

Hot Cross Buns 

Year 3 have learnt to play hot cross buns on their recorders for Easter. 

Samba in Year 5

Year 5 experienced and learned about musical elements through singing, dancing playing instruments and reading musical notes.  

A new rhythm

In our recorder lesson we learnt a new rhythm and applied it by learning two new pieces. 

A new note 

Year 6 learnt another note on the recorder yesterday: the note E. We practiced two pieces which included E. 

Art Award 

Year 5 started their Arts award this afternoon in Samba. They created art islands

Timbre in Year 5

This afternoon in Samba, the children explored the meaning of timbre. In addition,  they sang, danced and played their instruments following the pulse or rhythm.    

Timbre in Year 5

Year 5 explored the meaning of a new musical term today in Samba.