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Year 6 gymnastics

Year 6 enjoyed a P.E. session in the hall with Hannah from CSSP. The children had to make a variety of shapes and created sequences.

Tri Golf

Some children from Years 3 & 4 have taken part in a Tri Golf competition. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed taking part. Their golf skills were amazing! Well done to the boys involved.


Tonight the school football team played a cup match against St Josephs in Anderton. The team played really well, but unfortunately were beaten . However there were some good passing moves and fantastic saves. We are now preparing for next year.

Gymnastics in Year 4

We have been working on stretching and making shapes in gymnastics. Can you guess the shapes?

Year 4 P.E.

We have been working with the coaches from Wigan Athletic on tactics for attacking and defending.

Finding Space

Today we have been playing games to help us find space.

Year 5 Gymnasts

Year 5 were great a balancing, jumping through a half turn and getting into their backward roll position

What letters can you make? 

Year 6 worked again with Hannah this afternoon trying to make different letters using their bodies. 

Fun in Year 4 

We had a fantastic day at the Anderton Centre taking part in a range of fun activities. We are now expert archers, tree climbers and clue hunters in orienteering. In the afternoon we had lots of fun rafting on the reservoir, playing games getting wet n the reservoir and even got to jump in! 

Gymnastics in Year 1

Today we have been working on rolling and jumping in gymnastics with Chorley Sports Partnership.