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Trust and Betrayal in Year 4

We having been looking at different parts of the Easter Story and finding the parts that show trust and betrayal.

The Hajj

Following our visit from Mr Shafiq last week, year 6 recapped the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj and then reflected on way this happens.

Pentecost Power

Year 6 looked at the account of Pentecost in the Bible. 

Bible Explorer in Year 5 

We are exploring the Old Testement through the use of 44 signs and the use of drama! 

Bible Explorer

We were pleased to have James back with us. He started the New Testament Bible Explorer unit and we begun to learn the signs! 

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral 

Year 5 explored the meaning of victory through drama, art and by exploring the cathedral itself.  

Easter fun at Church

We have been having lots of fun learning about Easter at St. James’ Church today.

Feeding the 5000

We have been learning about how Jesus was able to feed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Would you give your lunch away like the little boy? 

What is freedom? 

In our R.E. we thought about the freedom of the Jews from Egypt and what that meant. We then thought about what freedom means and conducted an experiment outside removing freedom from one group and giving freedom to others. We thought about how to two groups felt. 

The Christmas Story 

Year 6 had a detailed search and study of the passages in the bible that foretold the birth of Jesus. We also looked at the message of John the Baptist.