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Year 3 did very well in recorders this week, we worked as team to give each other feedback and play in time with each other. 

Recorder Performance

Great confidence shown in Year 3 when we worked in small groups to perform Hot cross buns.         


We can now play Hot Cross Buns, see if you can practise this week Year 3 as next week we will start our lesson with some performances. 


Great start back to our recorder work this half term, we started to learn hot cross buns.      


Year 3 are working really hard at the moment on learning a song for the Christmas performance.  Don’t forget time, practise, effort!    


Great work this week in our recorder session. We are now using the notes a and b to play tunes.  Try practising this tune at home.      


This week in recorders we learnt a new tune about milk, see if you can practise this at home.  We also started looking at the note a, and will be using this in next weeks lessons.