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Dear diary 

Today in History we became Roman soldiers.  We used Roman information to help us write a diary as if we were Roman soldiers.  

Roman Soldiers 

In History we were learning all about the Roman Army and their soldiers.  They carried lots of heavy armour and weapons so must have been very strong, we then thought about whether we would make good Roman soldiers. 

Roman Research

Year 3 used ipads and books to answer some question they had about the Romans.      

Exploring artefacts 

In Year 3 we became historians and tried to decide what different Roman artefacts were used for. 

We are Romans! 

This afternoon Year 3 became Romans! We practised marching, formations and learnt about who would and wouldn’t be allowed to be a Roman Soilder. 

DEWA Chester

The children had a wonderful morning in Chester.  They got to look at how the Romans lived, the games they played and even got to experience a real archeological dig.