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Year 4 at Blackpool Zoo

Year 4 have enjoyed a fantastic day at the zoo. We have been looking at the diet and habitats of the animals. We have taken photographs and videos to use in our information ebooks.  

Year 6 Springfield Visit

Year 6 had a great day out at Westinghouse Springfield last week learning about electricity. The children made circuits and thought about electrical safety. The class then had a tour of the site where fuel is manufactured for nuclear power stations, which was very interesting.

Blackpool Zoo

Year 4 have been to Blackpool Zoo to find out about the animals and their different habitats and diets. Did you know? An elephant’s intestine can reach about 19 meters long and their heart is 5 times larger than a human heart.

Science Walk in Year 1

Last week we went for a walk to identify wild and garden plants in the local area.

Allotment Trip


Planting in Reception 


Investigating Flowers in Year 1

Today we having be using a magnifying glass to investigate different flowers. 

This Week in Reception…

 Our story of the week…   Tasting vegetables from Oliver’s Vegetables.         Solving adding and taking away calculations.       Sorting the vegetables from the fruits. Some of the children looked closely at the types of vegetables and searched for the root vegetables.   Playing in our new Garden Centre role-play area.  Making a new home for our new friends- Mr

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Sound Investigators

Year 4 have been investigating volume and pitch in home-made Musical instruments this afternoon. 

Year 2 Trip to Bring Yer Wellies

Year 2 enjoyed their visit today. We enjoyed planting our own plants that we will be taking home to look after.