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Budding artists 

Year 6 enjoyed broadening their horizons by looking at the many impressive works of art at the art gallery in the Harris Musuem. We even saw an exhibit which has previously won the turner prize. 

Reception’s Trip to the Allotment and Canal 


Keeping Traditions

The concert attended by year 6 on Monday was focused on traditional music from around the world. We got to see and hear the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra – what a treat!   

Walker Art Gallery

What a lovely day we had in Liverpool on Monday. We tried really hard to describe some of the works of art for our friends to draw   

Quarry Bank Mill

 Year 6 had a great day at Quarry Bank Mill yesterday, to launch our new topic about Victorians.     

Not guilty!

That was the verdict of our mock trial in the magistrate court today. Year 6 enjoyed their visit and played their roles very well. It was interesting to find out how it all worked and why we can be thankful for the rule of law in our country.    

Helpful or harmful?

That was the question which Irene posed to us. Which of all these micro-organisms help us and which are harmful. We had 26 different ones to sort. All with amazing Latin names!    

Global gaming!

After lunch we enjoyed playing games that taught us lots of things about saving energy and things we can do to help the environment.   

Beastly Recycling

We started our trip with a workshop session looking at microorganisms. Irene helped us to do an experiment involving yeast.       

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Year 6 have enjoyed their trip to Global Renewables today. We learned what happens to all the rubbish collected from our bins, and how important it is to recycle as much as we can.