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Allotment Trip


Planting in Reception 


How to Plant a Seed 


This Week in Reception…

 Our story of the week…   Tasting vegetables from Oliver’s Vegetables.         Solving adding and taking away calculations.       Sorting the vegetables from the fruits. Some of the children looked closely at the types of vegetables and searched for the root vegetables.   Playing in our new Garden Centre role-play area.  Making a new home for our new friends- Mr

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Fossil Finders


Eggs Found in the Quiet Courtyard 

       “Miss Mooney if it’s a T-Rex they’ll be cracks in the floor” 

Police Station 

People who help us in our Chorley community.                



The Good Stranger

The children have been thinking about home the good stranger showed compassion. We thought about people who show care and kindness in our local community and how we can show compassion in school.  The children responded with comments such as helping others’ when they have fallen over, sharing in our different classroom areas and giving children presents to make them feel loved and cared

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people Who Help Us