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Ruth from Warburtons visited Year 2 this morning. We have been learning about the history of Warburtons and making our own sandwiches. Year 2 asked lots of super questions.

History of Warburtons

In 1870 Thomas Warburton and his wife Ellen opened a grocery shop in Bolton. In 1876 Ellen made some bread and cakes to sell in the shop. They sold out within less than an hour! Today Warburtons make around 9000 loaves an hour and 5000 people work for them.

Do you know how Warburtons first started?

Yesterday we asked Ruth from Warburtons our interesting questions. Today we have been sharing some of the information we found out about the history of Warburtons.


We enjoyed tasting different sandwich fillings and made our own sandwiches.

We are ready to make our sandwiches

Which is your favourite sandwich filling?


This afternoon we have been asking questions about the history of Warburtons.