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Year 1 World Book Day

Wow! Year one looked amazing today in all their fantastic outfits to celebrate our love of books. We had a jam packed day with lots of “secret messages” from our missing coloured pencils! We also had a visit from Year 4 who read their stories to us.

Gymnastics in Year 1

Today we have been working on rolling and jumping in gymnastics with Chorley Sports Partnership.

Science Walk in Year 1

Last week we went for a walk to identify wild and garden plants in the local area.

Year 1 (Day 5)

Another busy day. 

Year 1 (Day 4)

Another very busy day.

Year 1 (Day 3)

We have had a very busy day.

Year 1 (Day 2)

Today we have enjoyed a Zumba session, outside games, a dance workshop and a visit from a nurse.

Year 1 (Day 1)

  Today we have enjoyed a visit from Wigan Warriors and the dentist.

Investigating Flowers in Year 1

Today we having be using a magnifying glass to investigate different flowers. 

Painting Backgrounds in Year 1

We have been painting the backgrounds for our moving pictures.