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Money, money, money! 

Year 3 enjoyed a money game this morning and collected lots of points for finding amounts of money using coins. 

Excellent Learning Logs 

Year 3 enjoyed this weeks learning log where they made skeletons concentrating on the names of the bones. 

Animal Masks 

Year 3 are very proud of their completed animal masks. 

Story Bags 

Year 3 made their own story bags today to help them retell the story of Androcles and the Lion. 

History Experts 

Year 3 became Anglo Saxon experts this afternoon.  They researched one artefact and then presented their information to the class. 

Making Masks 

Our animal masks are starting to be completed and look fantastic. 


Year 3 were excited for our pizza delivery today! The loved tasting their pizzas and some children even tried some new food. 

School Trip 

Year 3 really enjoyed their school trip this morning to Domino’s.

Hot Cross Buns 

Year 3 have learnt to play hot cross buns on their recorders for Easter. 


The Year 3 children enjoyed a practical volume lesson today.