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Finding the area

We have been busy this morning using multiplication to find the area of rectangles. 

Walking up the Nab

Year 4 and Year 2 enjoyed a lovely walk up the Nab this morning as part of our Geography studies. Year 4 were exploring the physical and human features of our local area and used iPads to record and photograph the geographical features they found. We are busy exploring the Numbers app on the iPads and will add our findings. 

What an end to the week!

We have ended our Health and Fitness week with a fantastic quiz set by Year 6! 


We’ve finished off our Friday morning with Chorley Athletics doing a range of activities. Have a look at us doing speed bounce, javelin, throwing and jumping. 

Climbing Fun! 

Year 4 had the most fantastic afternoon on the climbing wall yesterday. Everyone had a go and we had lots of children ring the bell at the top!

Archery in Year 4! 

We had so much fun doing archery! We even managed to get a few shots on target! 

A busy day 1 in Year 4…

What a busy first day of Health and Fitness week we have had! We have had a great day taking part in dance, rugby and tri-golf sessions. We even learnt how to keep our mouths and teeth healthy from the local dentist. 

French in Year 4

We are using the French dictionaries to find out new adjectives to describe ourselves. We are going to be using thse in conversations with each other. 

Music in Year 4

Today we have started to learn a tune on the glockenspiel with our partners. We are learning to play the notes together keeping in time with the beat.

Sound Investigators

Year 4 have been investigating volume and pitch in home-made Musical instruments this afternoon.