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Year 4 at Blackpool Zoo

Year 4 have enjoyed a fantastic day at the zoo. We have been looking at the diet and habitats of the animals. We have taken photographs and videos to use in our information ebooks.  

Year 4 Anderton Centre

Year 4 have had a fantastic day at The Anderton centre. This morning, the children took part in tree abseiling, archery and climbing on the bouldering wall. This afternoon, they worked as team to build their own raft to sail in the reservoir.  

Tri Golf

Some children from Years 3 & 4 have taken part in a Tri Golf competition. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed taking part. Their golf skills were amazing! Well done to the boys involved.

Inspire Youth Zone

This morning, Years 3 and 4 visited the Inspire Youth Zone in Chorley. We really enjoyed taking part in the different activities.

Year 4 Book Bench Trail

Year 4 have followed the book bench trail around Chorley Town Centre. Have you seen the benches? Which bench is your favourite?

Gymnastics in Year 4

We have been working on stretching and making shapes in gymnastics. Can you guess the shapes?

Year 4 Volcanoes

We have had fun making our volcanoes explode. Click on the link below to watch a video. 671566ED-28CB-43F4-BAB3-81F4D6ACC78B  

Year 4 P.E.

We have been working with the coaches from Wigan Athletic on tactics for attacking and defending.

Trust and Betrayal in Year 4

We having been looking at different parts of the Easter Story and finding the parts that show trust and betrayal.

Year 1 World Book Day

Wow! Year one looked amazing today in all their fantastic outfits to celebrate our love of books. We had a jam packed day with lots of “secret messages” from our missing coloured pencils! We also had a visit from Year 4 who read their stories to us.