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Places for pets!

Year 5 and 6 worked with Paul to write this great poem. That’s no place to put a pet!

Jigsaws in German 

Year Five loved the challenge of completing the German map or flag jigsaws!

Year 5 Money Mentors 

During this lesson, our Money Mentors taught us about different ways to spend our money using credit and debit cards. 

Our morning at Albany 

Year Five enjoyed three different lessons during our morning at Albany.  We solved puzzles in maths, graffiti in Art and played the ukulele in Music. 

German in Year 5 

We have been learning to describe each other using hair colour, style and length.  Ich habe kurzes schwarzes Haare. 

Stop Motion Animations in Year 5

Year 3’s visit to St Michaels High School

Goodbye Miss Boyce

Bike Ability at St James’


Year 5 were very good at archery and all managed to hit the target.