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Cracking collaboration

Some great collaboration this morning in Year 6 working on understanding the literary devices in The Highwayman.  

He’s back! The Highwayman comes to year 6.

Year 6 started to look at the famous poem, ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. They thought of some excellent questions inspired by reading the first two pages.  

Teacher revelations!

Year 6 have been crafting poems about the teachers in our school! We look forward to reading some of them!

Places for pets!

Year 5 and 6 worked with Paul to write this great poem. That’s no place to put a pet!

The Hajj

Following our visit from Mr Shafiq last week, year 6 recapped the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj and then reflected on way this happens.

Brilliant Biographies

Year 6 worked hard this morning writing biographies. They used the plans they had written on their iPads. Look out for some of these on Pobble.

Busy with biographies

Year 6 have been busy working on how to write good biographies. Over the last week we have honed our writing skills and we look forward to reading the final pieces!

Year 6 Springfield Visit

Year 6 had a great day out at Westinghouse Springfield last week learning about electricity. The children made circuits and thought about electrical safety. The class then had a tour of the site where fuel is manufactured for nuclear power stations, which was very interesting.

Personification poems in Year 6

Year 6 wrote poems containing personification. Can you spot the personification?  

Some great editing

Year 6 have been finishing their letters today and made some great edits and improvements using their purple pen. They also took inspiration from some of the published pieces on pobble.com.